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We compare various forms of insurance and make it easy to choose, select and to purchase insurance for over 16 years.

We provide call center services for luxury brands, specialties, transport sector, high tech companies and art institutions.

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Comoditas provides insurance & support services.


Roadside Assistance

Together with AXA Partners we provide roadside assistance to primary brands in the luxury and transport sector.


Technology Support

For high tech companies we provide call center services and help desk support.

"We combine technology with a human touch"

Would you like to take out one of our policies or find out more?

"In this world where everything is getting more and more automated, it is a relief to talk to a real person that can help you escape the digital cage."

About Us

Our teams consists of people with a background and experience in insurance, technology, customer service and assistance. With our labels geencentteveel.nl and datishetverschil.nl we compare for over 16 years now various insurance products and assist with the purchase.

From technology and insurance it is an easy step to cooperate with the people of AXA Partners in roadside assistance for the luxury brands, specialties and transportation and with whom we have an excellent relationship over 7 years now.

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